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Saturdays at Javawerks

Here are several reasons to stop at Javawerks on Saturday nights before you go to the Hippo or whatever it is you people do on the weekends. From 8 to 10 PM, we're booked with free entertainment for all ages, featuring everything from local bands to comedy improv.

Here's what's coming up:
August 28 - Thomas Jackson will be playing his acoustic glam blues with two thirds of The Squirms. Start your semester off right,damn it.

September 4 - The Stage Monkeys have a new and improved offbeat improv set-up to try out on unassuming audiences.

September 11 - Russell Welch and his currently named British Accents (featuring Javawerks barista Drew on bass) bring jazz, funk, and mellow melodica to our humble neighborhoods.

September 18 - Hattiesburg's punk kegger favorites Sexual Dante and the Occasional Humps are celebrating the creation of their first CD by playing a special acoustic set just for us (awwww). Come early and maybe get a t-shirt.

September 25 - I talked to Jay Stephens on the phone yesterday and he says he sounds kinda like Dylan and likes to play the harmonica while he plays guitar. If that means he wears one of those harmonica collars, I'm all for it.

October 2 - er, TBA

October 9 - Celia Whirren and Shane Kelly combine acoustic guitar and jazz saxophone for atmospheric good times.

So you, you wanna play at Javawerks too? Email me at and we'll talk.

See you Saturday.
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