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Around the World 
12:18pm 20/07/2007

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Cat Planet 
12:15pm 19/07/2007

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overexposed life 
11:38am 12/06/2005
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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08:01pm 11/06/2005
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garage sale 
12:47pm 27/04/2005
  i don't know how many garage saler's there are here, but i know i like hearing about garage sales, so i thought i'd post.

we are having a huge garage sale this friday and saturday.

there will be furniture, games, beauty things, lamps, electronics, appliances, clothes, stuff..

we owned a coffee house and closed it down, so there will be gift items that were sold in the coffee house like incense, soaps, incense holders, books, pens, journals, ect.

as well as inventory such as mugs, teas, coffees, ect.

friday and saturday, april 29th and 3oth
6:oo or 7:oo a.m. until. both days.
5oo westover drive. big blue house down from old super k-mart. the front yard.
05:12pm 11/12/2004
  Art Walk is here this Saturday, December 11, 2004.

Downtown Hattiesburg

so go awalkin' b/c i have a peice at the A Gallery. it's an 8x10 kitty cat paw and it should be labeled "Dance!"

and i will have a few pieces at the Art Association's booth. look for the large 11x14 pic... lots of pink... looks like it has the moon behind it... that it one of my favorites. macro of a mimosa.

also, Jeanna Jinks of Jinks studio in Petal (Sunrise actually) will be painting in the street. last time her and another SMAA (South Mississippi Art Association) member had a paint off. they usually use HUGE canvasses... it's grand! Grand! GRAND!

so anyways... *makes hypno motions with hands* YOU WILL go to the Art Walk. YOU WILL lurv my art. YOU WILL dance like a monkey. Dance! DANCE! DANCE LIKE A MONKEY!
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Forrest County & MS State Sample Ballots 
01:27pm 25/10/2004
mood: happy

I went down to voter registration and City Hall to pick up these Sample Ballots. I live Downtown in Hattiesburg, MS so your ballots may look different and may very well look nothing like this if you live in Lamar County or elsewhere. I just thought since most people don't have the time to go pick up sample ballots they might still like to see what they may very well be given on Tuesday Nov 2.

Please feel free to link to the pics. I'm going to take them down by the end of the year unless something weird happens.

Forrest County Ballot Full size (and sideways)

Forrest County Ballot at about half size (and right side up)

State/Fed Ballot full size (clipped at the bottom since it was legal size and my scanner isn't but no info is missing)

State/Fed Ballot half size (clipped at the bottom since it was legal size and my scanner isn't but no info is missing)


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10:12am 11/10/2004
  i've been keeping up in here, and i know a lot of you already have halloween plans. but just incase you don't...

e spiritus coffeehouse is having it's annual halloween party.

when: saturday, 3o.october - 8:oo p.m. - midnight.

where: the coffee house is at 5oo westover drive - hattiesburg, ms.
in the basement of the big blue house down the road from the old super k-mart.

there will be a costume contest with prizes. and fun and lots of food.

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Saturdays at Javawerks 
11:40am 25/08/2004
  Here are several reasons to stop at Javawerks on Saturday nights before you go to the Hippo or whatever it is you people do on the weekends. From 8 to 10 PM, we're booked with free entertainment for all ages, featuring everything from local bands to comedy improv.

Here's what's coming up:
August 28 - Thomas Jackson will be playing his acoustic glam blues with two thirds of The Squirms. Start your semester off right,damn it.

September 4 - The Stage Monkeys have a new and improved offbeat improv set-up to try out on unassuming audiences.

September 11 - Russell Welch and his currently named British Accents (featuring Javawerks barista Drew on bass) bring jazz, funk, and mellow melodica to our humble neighborhoods.

September 18 - Hattiesburg's punk kegger favorites Sexual Dante and the Occasional Humps are celebrating the creation of their first CD by playing a special acoustic set just for us (awwww). Come early and maybe get a t-shirt.

September 25 - I talked to Jay Stephens on the phone yesterday and he says he sounds kinda like Dylan and likes to play the harmonica while he plays guitar. If that means he wears one of those harmonica collars, I'm all for it.

October 2 - er, TBA

October 9 - Celia Whirren and Shane Kelly combine acoustic guitar and jazz saxophone for atmospheric good times.

So you, you wanna play at Javawerks too? Email me at javawerks@hotmail.com and we'll talk.

See you Saturday.
music is your friend 
11:45am 04/08/2004
  Javawerks Coffeeshop in Hattiesburg is getting set to book music for Saturday nights over the next few months. Wanna play?

We're looking for a wide variety of talent, including but certainly not limited to: jazz, folk, classical guitar, singer/songwriters, world, poetry... and all the subgenres stuck inbetween. I would particularly like to find locals who are doing something different and creative who would like to support Hattiesburg arts and experimentation.

So get in touch already.

Contact info:
Ashley Roach, Javawerks booking
Michael Moore 
06:05pm 02/07/2004
  Fahrenheit 9/11 is playing in Hattiesburg at Broadacres, just in case you didn't know.  
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Money, honey... 
06:36pm 12/04/2004
  Does anyone know of any job openings in Hattiesburg? Heck, if there are any vacant late night corners I'd be glad to know.

:: laughs ::
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04:48am 28/03/2004
  simple and a little dark... but i like this photo for some odd reason. ^_^

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04:12am 28/03/2004

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a better view of Hardy St 
05:25am 26/03/2004
  1 sunset... 1 road... 5 photos.

a little repetative... but still.

here is the sunset on hardy street on Tuesday:

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a few more pictures.... 
06:57pm 18/03/2004
mood: creative
ok, so I will post a few more...

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USM icon 
01:15am 18/03/2004
  click here for an image of the Dome at USM
Hopefully that will link allright. This is a test to see if I can link to the fotki album pics individually and they not have little red X's or load okay. if they have little red X's then I will have to upload piccies on my own web server. We'll see.
But I figured a decent image of the centerpiece of the USM campus would be allright.
EDIT: ahhh ok, that doesn't work linking to the image itself. grrrrrrr.
I'll post more in a little while.
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10:44pm 17/03/2004

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Cloverleaf Mall 
02:36pm 17/03/2004
mood: hungry

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just something to start this all off 
05:05am 16/03/2004
mood: awake
so.... everyone post some photos from around hattiesburg. they don't have to be recent photos. feel free you accompany the photos with stories if you'd like. or have the photos speak for themselves. which ever. ^_^

these photos were taken not too long ago in my parents' backyard. looks like spring is here.

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